These workshops introduce methods, tools, and software for reproducibly managing, manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing large-scale biomedical data using the R statistical computing environment. Visit to register.

IMPORTANT: Click here for instructions on setting up your computer for any of these workshops. Each workshop involves lots of hands-on practice coding, and you’ll need to download and install some free software prior to our first class. This may take up to an hour or so, and please do not hesitate to email us prior to the workshop if you are having difficulty.

BIMS 8382

BIMS 8382 is a graduate class built in part on the workshop material here. Please see the BIMS 8382 syllabus for more information.

Attribution: Course material is inspired by and/or modified in part from Jenny Bryan’s Stat 545 course, Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, David Robinson’s blog, Marian Schmidt’s MSU NGS Workshop, Vanderbilt Department of BioStatistics Datasets, and likely many others.