What are the pre-requisites?

It depends on the class. The introductory courses don’t assume any knowledge of programming or using a command-line interface, but if you’ve ever had any experience here, the content won’t come as so much of a shock. But don’t panic. Command-line interfaces and programming languages like R are incredibly powerful and will be utterly transformative on your research. There’s a learning curve, and it’s near-vertical in the beginning, but it’s surmountable and the payoff is worth it! Some general knowledge of statistics and study design is helpful, but isn’t strictly required.

The later classes in the R series (manipulation, tidy data, visualization, RNA-seq, statistics, TCGA, Bioconductor, etc.) All require a working knowledge of R, dplyr, and ggplot2.

Do I need a laptop?

YES. You must have access to a computer on which you can install software. The class will be a mix of lecture, discussion, but primarily live coding. You must bring your laptop to the course every day. Bring your charging cable also.

What software do I need?

All the software we’re using in class is open-source and freely available online. This setup must be completed prior to class, as we will not have time for troubleshooting software installation issues during class. See the setup instructions, follow the directions for the class you’re taking, and contact me if you have any real trouble.

Where will the class meet?

Carter Classroom, Health Sciences Library room 1211. This is downstairs one floor to the right (across the hall from Stephen Turner’s office).

Where do I get more help?

Glad you asked! See here.

I’m looking for the old course website.